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Local Websites
Canine Love Rescue & Rehoming Good website. No-kill policy (I think).
Catcha Pets Free pet/aquarium classifieds. 
Singapore PeTs Forum  Forum and pet classifieds.
Singnet Classifieds Free classifieds. Here's where I found Grey and Knuckle! :D
Cat Welfare Society Another animal rehoming society. They also help to sterilize and release stray cats.
Singapore House Rabbit Society Nicely done website. There are some rabbits up for adoption there, some of them purebred (lop, angora, ND etc).
House Bunny Corner Home Page Nice website but hasn't seemed to have been updated in quite a while.
S.P.C.A. THE animal rehoming society, though not necessarily the best. You can view animals up for adoption here (though not all the animals will be up). You can also submit your pet-related questions to them.
Hamster Tales Very good comprehensive site. On both syrian and dwarf hammies. (Makes them look almost as good as gerbs do! ;) )
Hamster Planet  Has free classified ads. Hamster-related only though.
HamstiesDotCom Hamsters and gerbils up for sale here. Lots of pics.
Bunny Isle Lovely website. Has a blog too.


International Gerbilly Websites
National Gerbil Society ... of Britain. Good comprehensive website.
Gerbil Colour Palette Another excellent gerbil website. If you don't know the colour of your gerbil, this is the place for you!
Gerbil Colour Predictor Helps you calculate what colour the offspring of your gerbils will be, if you know the genetics of your gerbs. It will still calculate the colour odds for you even if you do not know all of your gerb's genes.
Jörg Eberbeck's Gerbil Pages (English) One of the most beautiful gerbil websites. Amazing photographs! Also has photography tips etc. Definitely a favourite. English and German.
AGS Color Strips A good, systematic way of identifying the colour of your gerbil (though some colours are not present). By the American Gerbil Society.
ABC Gerbils Lots of info and fun stuff. Also lists why gerbils are better than hamsters.


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